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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can assemblies be built using both tin-lead and RoHS (unleaded) parts?

    Yes! WORLD has been assembling PCBs with this sort of “mixed” technology since January 2006. Please contact WORLD’s contract sales department to discuss your particular requirement. See more information here.

  • What PCB surface finish do you prefer in Volume Production?

    We currently manufacture assemblies with the following finishes HASL, Ni/Au, OSP, Immersion Silver [I-Ag].

  • How accurately can WORLD manage my manufacturing jobs?

    Work orders are added through our ERP system upon receipt of PO. This instructs our Purchasing team to bring in Materials and allows the shop floor to designate time to run jobs. From that point, each job is tracked through our integrated bar coded systems that enables real time tracking along the entire process.

  • What does WORLD require to get my job started?

    We need: BOM with correct revision level and manufacturer’s part numbers and Gerber File(s). It is also helpful to provide: Circuit Board Gerber files, Testing specifications (if applicable), Programming data (if applicable). What lead times should I expect for Production runs? Average lead times run 4-6 weeks. Material lead times vary from each manufacturer so partner closely with your sales rep contact for specifics on your jobs.

  • How fine a pitch are you capable of placing in SMT?

    For leaded devices our machines are rated at 12-mil pitch. We place BGA’s, micro-BGA’s, Flip-Chip, and COB’s in volume. Please see our literature page to download specific machine capabilities and data sheets.

  • What are WORLD’s Testing Capabilities?

    We are capable of testing manufactured product in three different ways: ICT Test - offering both Functional and Environmental Custom Built Customer Supplied Fixtures and Programs add cost and lead-time sobe sure to partner with your sales contact for specific information based on your testing requirements. (see more information here.)

  • What exactly do your Wire-Bonding capabilities include?

    Our Kulicke & Soffa 8090 large area wedge wire-bonding machine gives a 16" x 14" bonding area with bondable device capabilities of 2.5" x 2.5". Wire types include both Gold (meeting ASTM F72-90 standards) and Aluminum (meeting F487-88 standards). Bond type is Wedge-Wedge. Standard wire is 1.0 mil Au.

  • How long will it take to get my completed quote?

    Turn-key assemblies typically average 2-3 weeks.

  • Can you do quick turn prototypes?

    Yes, with customer supplied components we can build prototypes in 5-10 business days.

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing my manufacturing to WORLD?

    We allow our customer’s to reduce their operating costs by taking advantage of our world class design, manufacturing, testing and procurement resources. While we make the investments in technology, our customers can then focus on their core competencies. WORLD provides quality products and unsurpassed flexibility.

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