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This almost ready to fly drone kit allows you to create a fully functional development drone and is compatible with the Qualcomm® FlightQualcomm Flight Pro development boards and Qualcomm® Flight Electronic Speed Controller. The kit includes a pre-assembled frame with motors, propellers, an indicator LED, a Wi-Fi antenna, and adapters for mounting the printed circuit boards. Some basic assembly is required. For instructions, please see here.

Learn More about Qualcomm Flight

Required Accessories:

  • Qualcomm® Flight Pro development board not included.  Available here
  • Qualcomm® Flight Electronic Speed Controller not included. Available here
  • Battery not included. Recommended ThunderPower 1350mAh 3S LiPo battery with JST connector. Available here

Recommended Accessories:

This drone can be controlled through a Wi-Fi connection (e.g., by using a smartphone or tablet). It can also be controlled with a hobbyist-style Radio Controller using a Spektrum Receiver and DX-8 Controller:

  • Footprint (without propellers)200mm x 165mm x 137mm
  • Motor-to-Motor Diagonal Dimension215mm
  • Weight (with recommended battery)410gm
  • Frame4mm Machined Carbon Fiber
  • PropellersGemfan 5040 (5-inch)
  • MotorsGemfan M1806 2300KV
  • Estimated Flight Time~10 minutes

> End User Assembly Instructions

> DDK GPS Mounting Instructions

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Q: What does the listed weight of 410g include?
A: The listed weight includes all of the components of a full, ready-to-fly drone, including motors, propellers, battery, and the flight board. It does not, however, include the depth sensing stereo cameras. That addition adds roughly 20g to the total weight of the drone, accounting for the replaced parts.

Q: Where do I find the software to fly my drone?
A: All software is supported by Qualcomm on the Qualcomm Developer Network. For software downloads and all related questions, follow this link.