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Printed Circuit Board Engineering Services

Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout

PCB Engineering Services

The electronic contract manufacturing services team of multi-disciplined engineers assists customers in the development of new printed circuit board designs to optimize quality, manufacturability (DFM) and testability of electronic components, resulting in cost minimization and faster time to market. Taking into account factors like components, test, layout, speed and scheduling provides an opportunity to lower costs, increase yields and ensure total satisfaction from the outset.

By evaluating existing designs our team can identify cost reduction opportunities for our customers, such as new electronic component and layout technologies, and component re-use across multiple customer product lines.

WORLD electronics uses uses Altium's design tool, a comprehensive system that includes all tools necessary to take customers Intellectual Property (IP) from design to manufacturing. (P-CAD 2006 can be used, though it is no longer supported by the manufacturer, as P-CAD was purchased by Altium.)

Test Set Development

WORLD’s test engineering team supports our customer in two ways: by analyzing the existing test strategy and by providing economic solutions within the performance criteria. In the new product development (NPI) phase, WORLD’s test engineer’s partner with the customerto develop test strategies and hardware and software platforms to meet specific requirements.